Your Journey

We do everything we can to make sure you are well looked after and feel confident in our care.

We will guide you step-by-step through your treatment journey:

Initial Consultation

Lisa Greaney will see you to discuss all aspects of your treatment. Your symptoms and other medical health will be explored in order to form the most appropriate treatment plans for you. A full breakdown of costs will be provided in writing following this consultation for all patients. Patients using medical insurance will also be provided with the necessary procedure codes in writing.

A Pre-assessment (if required)

Should you need general anaesthetic for your procedure, the relevant hospital and anaesthetist will wish to discuss your medical health in order to provide safe care for you during your admission.


All details of your procedure will have been discussed beforehand.

Post-op review/aftercare (may require multiple visits)

Medical treatment can be an anxious time, which Lisa Greaney recognises. However, the procedure is not the end: Miss Greaney and her team will see you and provide your aftercare until you are fully recovered back to health.

Full treatment costs will be provided in writing following the initial consultation.

Lisa and her team will take care of you through your treatment journey.

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