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OSA (Obstructive sleep apnoea)

We are all genetically programmed as individuals and this dictates the physical relationship between our jaws. People can have large or small lower jaws and vice versa in the upper jaw. Sometimes, this discrepancy can be significant. Others not only dislike the appearance of one or other jaw but have problems with chewing e.g. a noticeable gap between their front upper and lower teeth making it difficult to bite into a sandwich. Lisa Greaney will talk to you about your jaw position and how things can potentially be changed. This treatment is usually carried out in conjunction with brace treatment. If required, Miss Greaney can recommend an appropriate orthodontist or otherwise, please consult your own orthodontist to discuss working together with us.

N.B. Jaw surgery is not only about beauty but also about the ‘bite’ and breathing. An increasing number of people are being diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, a condition whereby the person stops breathing at night, wakes then falls immediately back to sleep and repeats the cycle over and over again. They wake unrefreshed in the morning. Not only does this have an impact on day-to-day living but also has greater medical implications such as an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Jaw surgery, for appropriate patients can cure this type of sleep apnoea. If you suspect that you may suffer with this, or know someone that could, please contact your GP to arrange appropriate investigations.

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