Contacts & Treatment Locations


We will not collect personally identifiable information about you, for example your name and email address, unless you send us an enquiry via the site form or an email directly.

Information submitted over this website is normally unprotected until it is received and uploaded on to our practice management system. When you send an email we will not share your email address or private information with anyone outside of our practice team, other than with medical professionals directly involved with your care, your insurance company or the relevant hospital you are being treated at. We may need to share your personal information with your referrer usually your GP or GDP, Insurance Company as well as referring you, with your consent, to colleagues for further ongoing investigations.

We take your confidentiality seriously and ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your data. Relevant information is stored in a secure, encrypted practice management database. Your data will be stored for the duration of time recommended by the general medical council.